Men have several identifiable barriers to disclosing a history of sexual abuse or rape. They may fear they will be blamed, labeled as weak or seen as non-masculine or homosexual. Their history may evoke strong emotional feelings which confuse and do not fit into the ideal image of a successful male. Some men may turn to alcohol and drugs in order to find relief. Men need a safe place where they may achieve resolution without further trauma.

The group is open to all adult men 16 years and older who identify with a past history of rape or sexual abuse. The group caters for heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, transgender and men of unresolved sexuality.

A facilitator participates in a safety role and provides support and guidance when necessary.

The group has a resolution focus and aims to provide relief for participants by supporting them to make their own decisions about how to achieve resolution.

The group accepts new participants every three months, usually sometime during January, April, July and October. As dates vary from year to year, advertisements are placed in Quest Newspapers, gay community papers and the Courier mail. Men may also find out more about the group by contacting Dr Rosevear at Stonewall Medical Centre on 07 3857 1222.

Over the years a wide variety of men have attended MARS. A general overview would reflect that around 50% of participants identify abuse as a child, 25% as an adolescent and about 25% as an adult. About 90% have been abused by another male. Many have been repeatedly abused. All men self-identify the abuse.